Our Story


At Chelle’s we believe in being socially conscious, therefore our shop is full of handpicked pieces from manufactures that are leading the way with conscious purchase in mind.  Many of our chosen manufacturers partner with give back organizations such as pet adoption, children’s hospitals, Covid relief, mental health, abused women, wounded veterans, and so much more that are doing good every day!  We also sell local artisan wares and support creatives by selling all-natural paint by DIY Paint Company.  We offer classes to guide you in transforming items once old and ugly into beautiful and usable again.  Our product offering consists of women’s apparel and accessories, intimates, home furniture and décor, beauty and gifts, paint and paint accessories.  Each of these caters to a lifestyle of our five inspirations or muses: soft, easy, fun, classic, and creative.  Continuously evolving, Chelle’s works hard to cater to her customers and community.  This year we added Second Love, which are nicely priced gently used items to be worn again and given a chance at – Second Love.  Creating an experience is what we are about at Chelle’s, the atmosphere is fun and inviting and all our customers are treated as friends.